07 April 2008

The Best Music Video Game - ever!

Sitar Hero

For the musically illiterate, Sitar is a guitar-like (?!) Indian musical instrument. By looking at the sheer abundance of Sitar Hero parodies and wannabes in the "internets", I'm sure this will be a hit. I'm not just sure; I'm HIV positive.

Youtube Parody video by nerds - check

"Make your enemies eat Saag paneer" :D

80's Style Nintendo Flashback video - check

Let's rock out some sample tunes in Sitar Hero

Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine remix

Green Day Remix

Approved by Appu - check

Can someone design this game for me, please? Hello, Activision! May be I can outsource it :) and get some endorsement+ celeb juice from Pandit Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar. May be I can make a Collision Course CD with Anoushka, Jay Z and Linkin Park. wow! That will be awesome.

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