19 March 2008

TCS opens Ohio centre - Call it reverse outsourcing or nearsourcing

Via DNA - Money - TCS opens Ohio centre, eyes local talent - Daily News & Analysis

Points to note:

1. The new facility will employ only a handful of Indian “process people”. It will mostly rely on local talent.

2. TCS chief S Ramadorai told DNA Money: “There is a limit to how much we can make do with H-1 B visa workers. This facility will ramp up to 1,000 professionals. There will be a good mix of freshmen and we will do a lot of lateral hires for our global consulting business.”

3. TCS is reportedly in talks with Boeing and Lockheed Martin for defence and aerospace contracts held by those companies. This work can only be done in the US by American citizens or green card holders.

Indian Mobile Carriers Add 8.4M Subs in a month

Unstrung - Handhelds - Indian Mobile Carriers Add 8.4M Subs - Wireless News Analysis

Total of 246 million subscribers. That is just 23% of the population. 500 million by 2009?

via GigaOm

Inspite of eye-popping growth (217 million subscribers by Oct 2007), barely 23% of the population owns a phone. So, there is a vast amount of potential there. In 2007, mobile Value Added Services (VAS) generated $926 Million, which is still barely 7% of the total telecom revenues for Indian operators.

via Startupnewz

He never grew up; but he never stopped growing

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke died earlier this week, at the age of 91.

Arthur C Clarke The man who showed the world how powerful science fiction is. One small example: In 1945, at the tender age of 28, Clarke sketched out the idea of orbital communication satellites. He "extrapolated" the future for us.

My fascination for science, fiction and reading started with one of his books - 2001: A Space Odyssey. He will be missed.

Wired's Jeff Greenwald remembers one of his best friends. Check other posts at the end of the article.

17 March 2008

No products for you India...not yet

Here is an interesting take on why India doesn't have many good product companies.

You [IT Service companies] have changed our image from being a land of snake charmers to the land of software programmers. But my thanks stops right there. You are also the culprit of taking away complete attention from other important industry. You rob us of passion of the young minds to make them Xerox machines. Your growth is welcome, but its avarice and appetite is overwhelming. We are not able to proceed to the next step. Our fear is we will get stuck right here

Word! But we only have ourselves to blame :(

Does the situation change with all the VC money pouring in? $1 billion invested in VC money in 2007 alone

NO. The reality is totally different.

From the comment section, I found these statements :

1] In India most of the Graduates are self-contended with any type of Job, they compare with their neighbors & start fantasizing to become like them. Example: If A & B are Friends, If A got the Job in Infosys [pakka service], B starts fantasizing about A & B feels himself inferior and degrades himself. In this scenario B never thinks of starting a company.

2] In India, parents never encourage us to start a company because they want us to marry a good family girl as soon as we get the Job.

3] In India, most people rhapsodize other’s success but never get self motivated enough to start his/her own concern.

4] There is a lack of awareness about entrepreneurs in India. Only those who have entrepreneurship in their blood begin to search for information due to his Interest in Entrepreneurship.

5] There is tremendous lack of awareness about new technology in India. Very few in India know about Ajax, Web 2.0 & the upcoming Adobe’s Apollo project [ which i am much interested in].

6] People are very very reluctant to learn new things.

7] Most of the graduates don’t know HOW important product companies are and why.

8] There is trend in India which is inherited like this: Senior to his Junior [who wants to start his own company] “First get experience for about 4 to 5 years and when u become PM you can get your own Clients [again Service company mentality] and start developing your own company”. After 4 to 5 years he is almost 30; Parents start urging him to marry. Once married he never again thinks about starting a company.

9] The person who wants to become an entrepreneur will fail to become one after getting a job in a good company because of the hefty salary.

10] It is hard to find similar mindset [Entrepreneur & Techie] in India. When they think starting about product company they begin to compare with GYM and the rest, forgetting they too were startups once.

I think I'll have to agree with those statements.

There is hope. Few percentage of youngsters are trying to make a difference. My favorite is DhanaX. It is a startup by ex-employees of Oracle and GE, in the Micro-finance area. A startup to make a difference and makes a lot of business sense in an economy like India.

Informationweek covers DhanaX

I am neither a bear nor a bull, I am an agnostic opportunist

That quote, by the way, is by Jim Cramer (MadMoney)

Market keeps falling, the economy is at snail pace, barely moving at 0.8% in 2008 and by 1.4% in 2009 (hopefully). People using weird words like "stagflation"

A cartoon is a great way to understand what the **** is going in sub prime crime.
It all started like this: (Click to launch the side show)

via Big Picture

The fools, errr...everyone, is paying the price now. Bear Stearns goes down. Read the link to relate the cartoon to reality.

Everyday, the fools at the White House, reassure us that everything is OK. But whatever they do, is proving the Feds are trying desperately to delay the inevitable - RECESSION.

Again, to get the big picture about recession, mhh....go to Big Picture

While almost everyone seems to know what to do, except Bernanke. He is credited as the "Destroyer of US Dollar" and/or many US homes and lives. He even testified before Congress that the sub prime damage won't spill. No wonder, he works for Bush.

Marc Faber says, if he was Bernanke's professor, he would have failed Bernanke, forced Bernanke NEVER to get a job at any job, let alone the Fed reserve Bank. He also says "Bernanke is fit to work with Government of Mugabe" Oouch!!!

See the video

Late look at Budget India 2008-2009

Given the least amount of details I know about India Budget 08-09, I'll just let you read some "expert" posts


India Budget - 2008
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IMF video
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Where your tax dollars go?