03 October 2008

Scenes from India

Great pictures of diverse India from Boston Globe's Big Picture

Includes pictures of vast Monsoon flooding, conflicts in still-disputed Kashmir, and religious clashes between Hindus and Christians - and celebrations conducted by Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and more

Scenes from India

Nuclear power in India

A lot of details about Nuclear power in India and recent developments with USA. Via World Nuclear Association

    India has a flourishing and largely indigenous nuclear power program and expects to have 20,000 MWe nuclear capacity on line by 2020. It aims to supply 25% of electricity from nuclear power by 2050.

    Because India is outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, due to its weapons program, it has been for 34 years largely excluded from trade in nuclear plant or materials, which has hampered its development of civil nuclear energy.

    Due to these trade bans and lack of indigenous uranium, India has uniquely been developing a nuclear fuel cycle to exploit its reserves of thorium.

5 Reasons India's Largest Bank is Thriving

Today ICICI Bank boasts $19 billion in market cap and its assets are worth above $100 billion.

  1. Internal innovation networking is as critical as external partnering
  2. Pick promising ideas based on their business impact, not technical feasibility
  3. Speed innovation projects' time-to-value, rather than obsessing with costs
  4. Train your staff to think and act in terms of $$$$ -- not 0 and 1
  5. Want to build an R&D function? Forget about it!

via SepiaMutiny and Navi Radjou

01 October 2008

why this financial alchemy?

Excellent videos via BigPicture by Professor Stiglitz