17 October 2007

Broadband blues

How is broadband experience in India? Read these

Tata Indicom sucks

MTNL sucks

Reliance sucks
It sucks bigtime

Airtel gives 8 Mbps but No Unlimited plan

According to this TRAI report of Telecom performance during April-June 2007:

There are 64 broadband service providers having subscriber base of 24.22 lakhs subscribers. Among these 64 broadband service providers 10 service providers (who are having subscriber base more than 10,000 broadband subscribers) have the total 23.67 lakhs subscribers i.e. about 98% of total broadband subscriber base.

The number of Broadband subscribers (with a download speed of 256 Kbps or more) was 24.22 Lakhs for the quarter ending June 2007. Out of these 1984193 are DSL based; 264904 Cable Modem; 83521 Ethernet LAN; 20594 Fibre; 20466 Radio customers and 48541 Others. The growth rate of broadband subscribers in this quarter is 3.55% as compared to 13.85% in the previous quarter.

On page 45, the report measures all the broadband providers on various parameters:

  1. Service Provisioning/ Activation Time
  2. Faults Repair/Restoration Time
  3. Billing Performance
  4. Response Time to the Customer for assistance
  5. Bandwidth utilization/throughput
  6. Service Availability/Uptime
  7. Packet loss
  8. Network latency

Here is the shocker: ALL the providers failed to meet all but two benchmarks.

Service availability of 90% (?!) is met by each provider. What about 100%? Why do the customers possibly have 10% non-availability?

Network latency is less than 120 milliseconds for all the providers.

At least the TRAI report represents some truth (how I wonder). I guess the big broadband providers just don't care. Just like they told their customers, "take it or leave it".